Edible Pergolas and Small-Scale Fruit Tree Guilds

Edible Pergola


Oikos Network is currently 3 years into experimenting with a pergola planted with male and female hardy kiwi vines and a few different varieties of seedless grapes. The vines have started producing fruit in their third year, however further research must be completed and implemented in order to protect fruit from insects and birds, and pruning techniques will be needed in order to ideally manage further growth.



Fruit Tree Guild


This is a photo of a fruit tree guild in its third year of growth. This guild includes 2 cold hardy peach trees, and two pear trees (one is not seen in this photo), a white currant bush, a black currant bush, and Russian Comfrey “bocking 14″. ¬†Further additions will include egyptian walking onions, anise hyssop, horseradish, tansy, yarrow, chives, bergamot, and white clover.










White Currant