The Ohikos Network Resources Page provides visitors with practical information about Permaculture and ecology through various mediums, such as: books, website links, and videos. It will also help connect visitors with various related physical resources and services.


We will continue to try and create resources and also find resource compilations from other websites while bringing you the latest information and products in the world of Permaculture and ecological living.


Website Resources

                      Plants for a Future Database – A resource and information centre for edible and otherwise useful plants   Appropedia – Collaborative solutions in sustainability, appropriate technology and poverty reduction   Good […]

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Video Resources

                      (Help support the film-makers by purchasing or donating) –  “Farming with Nature – Permaculture with Sepp Holzer” by Crystal Lake Video –  “Greening the Desert” by Geoff Lawton –  “Permaculture Trio”, […]

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Book Resources

                      (Help support the authors by purchasing or donating)   – The one straw revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka – Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison – Permaculture in a Nutshell by Patrick Whitefield – Gaia’s Garden: A […]

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