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–  “Farming with Nature – Permaculture with Sepp Holzer” by Crystal Lake Video

–  “Greening the Desert” by Geoff Lawton

–  “Permaculture Trio”, by Iota Pictures, with Robert Hart, Ken Fern, & Mike & Julia Guerra

–  “Introduction to Permaculture Design” by Geoff Lawton

–  “Edible Forest Gardening” by Geoff Lawton

–  “The Global Gardener Series” by Bill Mollison

–  “Homegrown Revolution” from path to freedom and the Dervaes Family

–  “The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”, from Community Solutions

–  “How Mushrooms Can Help Save The World” (Ted Talk) by Paul Stamets

–  “In Transition 1.0” and “In Transition 2.0” from The Transition Town Network

–  “A Farm for the Future” from BBC

–  “Green Gold” by John D. Liu

–  “Bullock Brothers Homestead – A 25-year Permaculture Project”, from Peak Moment

–  “Growing Power – A Model for Urban Agriculture” from

–  “Water is Life – The Water Retention Garden of Tamera” from Grace Media

–  “Tamera – Solar-Village Test-Field 2011” from Sunvention

–  “Dirt! The Movie” –